TEHC Is Moving

As many of you may know already The Ethical Hacker Club (TEHC) is moving.  The training/etc has been kind enough to lend us their space but alas they are closing… well more accurately merging. They are merging with UMBC Training facilities (off of Columbia Gateway). The new space shall offer us a more formal area for our meetups and yes the snacks will still be free :). One of the advantages of the new facility will be UMBC & training/etc commitment to help us grow the meetup.  Speaking of growing the meetup, we are currently working on building out next years’ agenda. If there are any subject areas you would like to learn more about please post them to the meetup page (http://www.meetup.com/ethical-hacker-club/) and we will take them into consideration and do our best to fit them in to the agenda.

The hard parts of providing training is not knowing the technical expertise of the “students” – once we get situated in the new digs, we should be able to modify the training/meetups to potentially different groups – one for more beginners and perhaps another for more advanced students and maybe even some multi-day hands-on training seminars…. basically the new space is going to give us a lot of options.

Hope to see you at the new digs this November – come celebrate the new space and help us figure out ways to continue to grow TEHC.

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