PwnPad apps released

As a recent owner of the Pwnpad from Pwnieexpress, I have been working on creating some applications for it. Everything from mods of existing scripts, custom scripts and APKs to call the scripts. This site will be updated regularly as I get them done so check it frequently.

BYOD – at your own risk

The “Rabbott” and I have been talking about the subject of BYOD so I thought I would share here. I am not sure why everyone is calling this a new problem – it has been around for years – even before mobile phones.  How many of you are old enough to remember when floppies became “standard”? I am. […]

Application Security for the Android Platform

Congratulations to local author, Jeff Six, for the release of his book: “Application Security for the Android Platform”. This is a much needed book on a topic that a lot of developers have not had experience with. The mobile platforms have introduced a new avenue for developers to explore, this book is like have a […]

SecureMaryland Ep08 – Ho Ho Holy Schnikees!

Welcome to the SecureMaryland Podcast Episode 8 “Ho Ho Holy Schnikees!” recorded on Sunday, Dec. 4th.  SecureMaryland is part of The Cast Cast network.  For show notes, visit A very big thanks to SmartLogic Solutions for making this possible. Visit www.smartlogicsolutions.comfor more information. Visit our new website for the show: Some Security Meet-ups in the […]