Kali Linux (BT6)

With the release of the new Kali linux (the revamped Backtrack – much more than BT6 but I have others call it that), I wanted to put out a mind map of the tools on the distro so you can get used to where everything is.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. http://tinyurl.com/chz6u8c […]


Today we offer the BackBox Mind Map – a graphical represnetation of all the tools that make up the distro. This along with the other Mind Maps we are building, will be part of our “all inclusive”  Vulnerability Assessments/ Penetration Testing Mind Map we are building – the ultimate Mind Map that everyone from beginners to experts, […]

BackTrack R2

As mentioned in our “State of the Hack” episode, I  really think that the use of Mind Maps for Vulnerability Assessments/ Penetration Testing is under utilized – mainly because the ones out there are fragmented and not all inclusive.  We are working on developing an all inclusive Mind Map that everyone from beginners to experts, […]