RSA software defined data center is turning security on its head

Software defined data center =sddc Software defined security = sds Ssdc abstract the hardware and do everything from within software. The compute storage and network have to be extended across multiple boundaries. Security expands all three. Adding the components on the right (ie security) extends the virtualization time from minutes to days – so how […]

RSA mobile security smackdown

My first update from the phone so I hope spelling and grammar is good enough to follow. The wifi here is sucking pretty badly and made me bust out my phone for updates. 1300 “agencies” in the government; 100s of cios so the government dilemma how to build solid framework to manage devices. State agencies […]

My RSA schedule

To hopefully let my readers in on what is upcoming I wanted to share my RSA schedule so you know what I am attending in case it interests you and you had questions:   For the rest of today: Crypto panel – too fast to keep up so will post some early stuff online later […]

RSA Keynote Francis deSouza

Francis deSouza Group President Products/Services Symantec – Building a higher level of security intelligence. Start out with a tale of an breach – and identifying the difference between good guys and bad guys the asymmetic difference between them. Reference some new publications and Stuxnet 0.5 (evidence of a possible precursor to Stuxnet). paraphrasing here – […]

RSA Keynote Scott Charney

So I hope Art’s blog made since – it is my first attempt at live blogging. Note you can also follow me on twitter for photos of RSA if you are interested. Next up is Scott Charney Corporate VP of TwC (trustworthy computing) from Microsoft – Making a case for securit optimization. He is speaking to […]

RSA Keynote Art Coviello

First up Arthur Coviello – Executive Vice President  EMC – Big Data Redifenes Security. Hopefully it wont be another big data buzz word talk. we will see.  Tie into the “we are the champions” song. Good quote “although we may not be winning we aren’t loosing either”. “2012 break out year of big data” – […]

RSA Key Note

Today kicks off the RSA conference (ok, technically its the second day but the first keynote).  I must say the setup is quite impressive. I was lucky enoug to snag one of the tables w/ internet access  and power  which brings me to my first thought of the day “How many of these folks protect their […]