Name Of The Doctor

Was hoping to get a lot accomplished today but it didn’t work out so well.  Per my recent posts  I have been playing around on my pwnpad a lot lately (albeit maybe too much) and tonight I attempted to add some more apps/scripts to the fold; however I picked one that gave me trouble – […]

PwnPad apps released

As a recent owner of the Pwnpad from Pwnieexpress, I have been working on creating some applications for it. Everything from mods of existing scripts, custom scripts and APKs to call the scripts. This site will be updated regularly as I get them done so check it frequently.

Recon-NG and my first app for the PwnPad

I am very happy tonight as I write this post, I learned a few things over the last 24 hours and that my friends is always a good thing. Let me set the backstage a little; as you know I have been playing around with my pwnpad (and still loving it but it is taking […]

Why the pwnpad?

As I was reading through the blogs over at pwnieexpress, while I waited for my nexus 7 to arrive, I saw their write up on why the pwnpad? and thought it was a good opportunity to chime in. I can answer this questions in three simple words: Discrete, Easy, and Sexy (reminds me of the […]

Pen-test tools

While playing around with my newly built pwnpad, I started looking at various android tools to augment the pwnpad tool set. Frustrated with all the crappy tools that were labeled “security” or “hacking” I about gave up on my search until I found Pen-test tools. Now before you go out thinking I pointed you in […]

Pwnies on order – they’re here!

So I decided to start ordering everything I need for building out the PwnPad community edition –  and in 3-5 days, depending on shipping, I should have my own PwnPad. While I wait for the order I have been watching some of the great videos: More to come when I start getting everything in. […]