Derby Con 3.0 Talk Accepted

My talk  “So you want to be a pen tester?” was accepted by DerbyCon. Come out and support me – or at least by me a beer :).  Per one of my previous posts – all monies earned for the talk will be donated to HFC. I would also like to do something different – […]

Pen-test tools

While playing around with my newly built pwnpad, I started looking at various android tools to augment the pwnpad tool set. Frustrated with all the crappy tools that were labeled “security” or “hacking” I about gave up on my search until I found Pen-test tools. Now before you go out thinking I pointed you in […]


Today we offer the BackBox Mind Map – a graphical represnetation of all the tools that make up the distro. This along with the other Mind Maps we are building, will be part of our “all inclusive”  Vulnerability Assessments/ Penetration Testing Mind Map we are building – the ultimate Mind Map that everyone from beginners to experts, […]