RSA mobile security smackdown

My first update from the phone so I hope spelling and grammar is good enough to follow. The wifi here is sucking pretty badly and made me bust out my phone for updates. 1300 “agencies” in the government; 100s of cios so the government dilemma how to build solid framework to manage devices. State agencies […]

BYOD – at your own risk

The “Rabbott” and I have been talking about the subject of BYOD so I thought I would share here. I am not sure why everyone is calling this a new problem – it has been around for years – even before mobile phones.  How many of you are old enough to remember when floppies became “standard”? I am. […]

Mobile Password

Before I get bashed for posting this, I fully understand the importance of constructing a strong password and how expiring passwords on a regular basis plays into it. However, on a mobile device I find the need to do a password reset every 30/60/90 (pick the corporate policy) days overkill. That should read a huge […]