Mixing up some new DuckSauce

It has been a while since I posted ny updates to my DuckSauce – my collection for the Hak5 USB rubber ducky; however today I want to announce that I have dusted it off some, adding more payloads (still working on getting soem of the functionality ironed out).  In addition to the payload updates, I […]

BSides DE – DuckSauce v.02

Thanks to the Bsides DE team and everyone who attended my talk on DuckSauce v.02. I am sure you weren that interested in it when you saw the title but I know you enjoyed it (or hope you did).  For everyone  I am releasing the code a day late – took way to long to […]

BSides Deleware

Interested in coming out to a free security conference fairly close to the Maryland area? Interested in hearing me speak? Want to get away from a day of work? If you answers yes to any of these questions may I suggest you Google BSides Deleware. BSides offer a great learning opportunity and are free (registration […]

Unal{0}cated – Gets introduced to DuckSauce

I had the luxury of intorducing DuckSauce v.01 at Unall{0}cated’s August mini-con. I was gald to see that several members of the auidence had brought their ducks to play around with – made for some good demos.  For those of you in attendence, I left forgottensec a zip of most current version of DuckSauce- v.01 […]