PwnPad apps released

As a recent owner of the Pwnpad from Pwnieexpress, I have been working on creating some applications for it. Everything from mods of existing scripts, custom scripts and APKs to call the scripts. This site will be updated regularly as I get them done so check it frequently.

Pwnies on order – they’re here!

So I decided to start ordering everything I need for building out the PwnPad community edition –  and in 3-5 days, depending on shipping, I should have my own PwnPad. While I wait for the order I have been watching some of the great videos: More to come when I start getting everything in. […]

Kali Linux (BT6)

With the release of the new Kali linux (the revamped Backtrack – much more than BT6 but I have others call it that), I wanted to put out a mind map of the tools on the distro so you can get used to where everything is.  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. […]

Mixing up some new DuckSauce

It has been a while since I posted ny updates to my DuckSauce – my collection for the Hak5 USB rubber ducky; however today I want to announce that I have dusted it off some, adding more payloads (still working on getting soem of the functionality ironed out).  In addition to the payload updates, I […]

Unal{0}cated – Gets introduced to DuckSauce

I had the luxury of intorducing DuckSauce v.01 at Unall{0}cated’s August mini-con. I was gald to see that several members of the auidence had brought their ducks to play around with – made for some good demos.  For those of you in attendence, I left forgottensec a zip of most current version of DuckSauce- v.01 […]

Exploit exercises

For all of those interested in taking their “hacking” to new heights check out and start playing around. I personally haven’t downloaded them yet (although I will soon and provide comments as needed) but have heard a lot of good things about them. A couple of tips as you work your way through the […]

PwnPlug Installation Notes

I just finsihed my installation of the community edition of pwnplug developed by the guys over at pwnieexpress ( The installation documentation was a good help; however I did hit a few snags along the way. To make easier for the “next guy” I wrote up some notes during the installation and what to do after the […]