Assess, Plan, Build, Manage.

Our services help organizations manage the often overbearing security landscape and build a cost effective, actionable security program by providing leading services in the area of Risk, Governance, and Security.


RGS Specialists work closely with our clients to ensure and assure that they understand the information security risks present within their organizations and assist them in managing and reducing that risk so that it is aligned with their Risk appetite. Through a series of assessments, both technical and process focused, all risks to the organization can be identified and then actionable plans put in place to manage, mitigate, reduce, or transfer said risks bringing the overall risk posture down to a tolerable level. A full set of Assess services can be found here.


RGS Specialists help our clients to build an overarching security program that aligns security objectives to business goals, meets or exceeds all executive management visions for security, and fully addresses all existing and emerging regulatory concerns. Additionally we assist our clients in documenting all the policies, procedures, and guidelines as well as security strategy that governs how the security program will be built and maintained. A full set of Planing services can be found here.


At RGS Specialists we are more than just your average IT security consultants hired to install security controls, we are specialists that provide with high level architecture, engineering, and project management for all security services we provide. We work closely with our clients to lead large and small security engagements that introduce new, or modify existing security controls within the organization. We help our customers understand how to effectively leverage their existing controls to provide agile security protections and minimize the need for new controls. When improvements are identified and new controls are required, we work with our customers on the selection, architecture, deployment, testing, of the new controls and ensure that they are properly integrated into the operations portfolio. A full set of Build services can be found here.


Over the course of time there are often unforeseen circumstances – “Gotchas” that strain even the best security programs. Knowing how to deal with these one off events could mean the difference between a successful program and one destined to fail. At RGS Specialists we have lived on both sides of the fence (consulting and enterprise) and lived through, and more importantly learned from, many of the similar challenges you may face. At RGS Specialists we provide Security Guidance for these “Gotchas” that help our clients overcome these hurdles and achieve a successful security program. A full set of Manage services can be found here.