Security Strategy

RGS Specialists Security Strategy services help our clients' information security department better understand their role in setting and guiding the overall risk posture of the organization. At RGS Specialists we want to help our clients:

To understand what security controls are necessary by answering the following questions:

  • What legislative and regulatory controls effect our organization and what are the security implications of said controls?
  • Is what my organization doing enough, are there gaps? How do we address the gaps?
  • How can my organization maximize their Security budget?

To build a security strategy that will assist the organization in building and maintaining a successful security program. The security strategy encompasses:

  • Defining the overall risk appetite.
  • Align security programs, goals, controls, and resources to best operate within their acceptable risk tolerance
  • Forward looking analysis of risk and policy topics
  • Understanding current and emerging threats/risks and risk management "best practices"

Most importantly we help our clients understand the "bigger picture" - many security programs fail because the security leadership lacks the business focus necessary to communicate to the rest of the organization. We can assist in building and disseminating a communications plan suited for all levels of the organization.

RGS Specialists security strategy services cover all aspects of the People, Process, and Technology triad when working to develop the strategic direction of the organization and take the actions necessary to move toward that strategy.