Risk Assessments

Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are an excellent way for an organization to gain insight on how well their technical security controls are performing, and are a key component of Enterprise Risk Assessment; however, they alone do not paint a complete picture of the overall risk landscape.  RGS Specialists’ Enterprise Risk Assessment services help our clients:

  • Understand and communicate their risk appetite – the level residual risk the organization is willing to accept.
  • Holistically identify all  risks and threats within the organization
  • Through a series of interviews and documentation  (policies, standards, and procedures) review, all non-technical risks will be identified.
  • Identify natural occurring threats, such as flooding, that may effect the secure operations of their security program.
  • Map identified risks to the asset and/or assets they impact.
  • Document the identified Threats an Risks, and implement plans and strategies to enure they can be properly maintained and managed.

As your Risk, Governance and Security Specialists we provide the in-depth experience necessary to bring insight into how to identify, maintain, and manage threats and risks in order to allow your organization to operate at a known and acceptable level of risk. As part of RGS Specialists’ Enterprise Risk Assessment services, a full vulnerability assessment will be performed to identify the technical issues and risks.