Incident Response Readiness

RGS Specialists understands the notion that complete security is a fallacy, and can never be achieved. There will be times when an gaps within an organization’s security controls are identified - either intentionally via a malicious threat actor or accidentally via an authorized user.  Through a series of table top exercises, plan reviews, and assessments, RGS Specialists’ Incident Response Readiness services help our clients properly prepare for any incident they may encounter by:

  • Reviewing all Incident Response policies, standards, and procedures and determining how well the plan is documented and more importantly disseminated to the teams.
  • Assessing  if the team has all the resources (tools, personnel, etc.) necessary to perform Incident Response.
  • Measuring how well their team can identify and respond to incidents, identifying areas for improvement, and building actionable plans to better prepare the team.

For those organizations that do not yet have a formalized security incident response capability, RGS Specialists work closely with the security and business team to identify goals, build incident response action plans, identify key incident responders, and to test the newly formed capability.