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I love my pwnpad and have been playing around with ever since I put built it earlier in the month. One of these days I am going to put it down so I can work on the other fun stuff I had intended to get to this month – but I guess that is what procrastination is for.  The one thing that makes the pwnpad such a powerful little tool is the scripts and the “one-click” hacking.  Building off of that I have written some of my own apps to share with the community:

1. Recon-NG once you install the tool and edit the shell script to point to your recon-ng install this nice little app will run it for you.

2. WPA setup – need to connect your tp-link wlan1 adapter to a wpa protected access point? This script and app will help you out.

3.  NMAP automation – need to run a quick nmap scan of a network? Tired of typing all the commands needed in? This script and app will help you out. Note a lot of the code base was taken from Lazymap over at so if you like this script give him a big thank you. All I really did was clean it up and make it pwnpad friendly

Some other ones I was thinking of doing: 1. A simple deauth app – not really hacker friendly I know but why not. 2. vulnerability scanning – using nmap –script vuln option and tie it into something like nikto for all web related hits. Would like to include Openvas if anyone gets it working. 3. Hostap tie in of some sort. and 4. LogCopy – an app to save off everything in the capture file for off line reporting/analytic


**UPDATE 5/31 ***

Updates to the scripts to fix a few things. I also added the nmap script to git so that it can be regularly or forked as needed.

click  pwnpad apps to get them.

**UPDATE 6/8 **

I just finished up the LogCopy script, a script for theHarvester, and one for wpscan (wordpress scanner). I will be packaging them up some time this weekend so check back Monday for a new PwnPad Pack.

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