The first part of building a security program is to ensure that policies, procedure, and guidelines are established and they are communicated downstream so everyone is aware of their responsibilities in protecting the organization and the data consumed/transmitted. RGS Specialists work closely with our clients to:

Determine what type of policies, procedures and guidelines are necessary for proper implementation of a successful security program.  This is accomplished by helping our clients address the following concerns:

  • What do the legislative and regulatory controls mandate be included in my policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines?
  • What leading security practices should be included in the documentation?

Derive the strategy for which policies and procedures are to be disseminated and enforced.

  • Where should I store the documentation?
  • How often should I update them?
  • How do I ensure that they are read and followed?

Our Specialists are experts in auditing and reviewing current documentation to gauge effectiveness and how well they are being adhered to. We can assist in the writing, dissemination, and training on Information Security policies, standards, and procedures, if required. With RGS Specialists assistance, our clients have built successful Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines that have enhanced their security posture.

Our Deliverables:

Many organizations lack the skills and in-depth knowledge to transform their findings into meaningful deliverables. Having extensive experience on "both sides of the fence" our Specialists provide detailed analysis of the findings tailored towards your organizations asset base and risk appetite.  We provide everything from executive level briefings down to detailed technical documentation. Our Governance Services typically include the following deliverables:
  • Information Security Roadmap - a guide to building and sustaining an information security program within your organization.
  • Detailed mapping of security requirements tracked back to the regulations your organization must comply with.
  • Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Standards as necessary for the success of your security program.
  • Recommendations for disseminating the Policies and Procedures within the organization.
Additionally our Security Services can assist in providing dedicated experienced experts to assist in the remediation efforts. Visit our Risk Services page to find out more on how RGS Specialists can assist your organization in identifying and reducing risks.