Over the course of time there are often unforeseen circumstances - "Gotchas" that strain even the best security programs. Knowing how to deal with these one off events could mean the difference between a successful program and one destined to fail. At RGS Specialists we have lived on both sides of the fence (consulting and enterprise) and lived through, and more importantly learned from, many of the similar challenges you may face. At RGS Specialists we provide Security Guidance for these "Gotchas" that help our clients overcome these hurdles and manage a successful security program.

We help our clients over come these "Gotchas" by providing the following services:

Security Guidance - Expert advice and assistance in handling "Gotchas"
Incident Response Readiness - Working with our clients we help them build an incident response capability.
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - Development and testing of business continuity and disaster recovery readiness.