At RGS Specialists we have many years of experience dealing with "Gotchas" that our clients can leverage to gain insight and perspective on dealing with these unique issues. This allows our clients to handle the situations in a controlled, methodical manner that helps ease the stress these situations often cause.

Some sample "Gotchas" include:

Budget Cuts - Ever have upper management come to you and say "we are cutting our security budget"? We have. Worse yet they want you to keep the same level of security with less budget - in other words you're not allowed to cut anything. At RGS Specialists, we help our clients identify cost-effective (often times free when acceptable) solutions that they can be leveraged to assist with the demands of operating with the new budget cuts.

The Security Admin was fired - When letting go of such a critical role there is always a thought that needs to be addressed - did they have the "keys to the castle"? Have you ever had to riffle through all the systems, change all the passwords, change the locks, change everything security related? We have. At RGS Specialists we help our clients understand what access the individual(s) had and how to quickly and accurately block all physical and logical access for the offender while granting the required access to the new admin.

Promoted to the role of CISO - Congratulations; now the real fun begins. At RGS Specialists we offer many services that help our clients build security roadmaps/programs. We are often brought in to assist our clients in articulating their security program to teams outside of security by providing subject matter expertise on IT and business related initiatives regarding risk and cybersecurity, assisting organizations in the evaluation of technical requirements from agency IT staff, and communicating business requirements to senior management through clear and actionable business cases and detailed use case documentation.