BSidesDE/DC 2016

First, I want to thank everyone that works so hard to make the Bsides conferences so great. Oaktree and I had the luxury of training at BsidesDE and BsidesDC and hope that our students come away with at least a little more than they came in with. We hope you enjoy our Powershell class. Powershell […]

BSides Charm

For those of you attending my BSides Charm training on Social Engineering you can download the labs and PPTs and the ICE-Hole tool below. Enjoy.   Doc and PPT: BSides Charm Slides PDF  Social Engineering_boss Lab PDF: Labs The Ice-Hole Tool: Ice-Hole 1.7 BlackHat Edition (2)

Net hunter on the 1+1

One of the latest projects I have been working on is playing with mobile hacking tools (Pwnieexpress’ Pwnpad and most recently Kali Nethunter) so you can see how happy I was that the oneplus one (awesome spec’d & hardware relatively cheap) is now supported by Nethunter. So off to eBay I went. With the newly […]

Mixing up some new DuckSauce

It has been a while since I posted ny updates to my DuckSauce – my collection for the Hak5 USB rubber ducky; however today I want to announce that I have dusted it off some, adding more payloads (still working on getting soem of the functionality ironed out).  In addition to the payload updates, I […]