Build Solutions, Build Success

RGS Specialists Security Services help organizations in the management of security risks by designing and deploying consistent and proven controls within the environment. Our services help organizations address common security related risk reduction solutions including: boundary control, secure communications, encryption, anti-malware, and identity management with the goal of providing secure and reliable controls across the organization.

We provide assistance by offering the following build related services.

  • Security Engineering & Architecture
  • Deploying new security controls can be a daunting task if the proper engineering and architecture leadership isn't brought in. RGS Specialists work with our clients to lead the planning and development of security architecture design ensuring that the installation of new security controls follow clearly defined plans, are well documented, have a clearly defined management process, and  are compliant with industry regulations and security best practices
  • Security Awareness & Education
  • With our strong partner relationship with top training facilities, RGS Specialists can assist our clients in choosing the right training program that will most effectively be accepted by the end users within the organization, offer the course ware and certification goals of the organization, and be delivered in a cohesive manner.
  • Security Program Oversight
  • Working closely with client direction, RGS Specialists can supervise employees, including selecting or recommending selection, training, assigning and evaluating work, counseling, disciplining, and/or termination or recommending termination; development and management of project plans, status reports, budgets , deliverables and milestones for all security projects undertaken by our clients

    Our Deliverables:

    Many organizations lack the skills and in-depth knowledge to transform their findings into meaningful deliverables. Having extensive experience on "both sides of the fence" our Specialists provide detailed analysis of the findings tailored towards your organizations asset base and risk appetite.  We provide everything from executive level briefings down to detailed technical documentation. Our Security Services typically include the following deliverables:
    • Architectural documentation describing in detail how the solution set will be deployed within the organization, how the solution will tie into existing controls, and how/what modifications were required for successful deployment.
    • Employee/Contractor evaluations, performance appraisals, and career guidance.
    • Plan of Instruction (POI) - a detailed synopsis of how the chosen training program is to be implemented, setting of training goals, and how to measure success of the training program
    Need help understanding what risks are present within your organization? Our Assess Services offer our clients insight into their risk exposures and help build plans to ensure that the risks are within a tolerable level. Need help establishing a security program for your organization? Visit our Plan Services page to find out more on how RGS Specialists can assist.