Asset Inventory & Classification

Asset Inventory & Classification: To properly define risks within an organization, the assets within the organization need to be clearly defined and categorized. RGS Specialists have developed an asset classification and documentation framework that allows our clients to quickly make strides in their asset identification and classification efforts. The RGS Specialists’ framework is built of industry standards (ISO 17799) and provides our clients a top down view of:

  • The business process the asset serves
  • An inventory of all the assets within the organization
  • The up/down stream inputs/outputs used by the assets
  • Classification of the data that resides on and/or is processed by the assets

Following this framework ensures that the critical business processes and associated assets are quickly identified.

Through a series of interviews and data discovery, RGS Specialists define and document all the business process of the organization and the assets that help your organization fulfill those processes. Delivered as a database, the framework can be easily be maintained by the organization as new process and/or assets are required.

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